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WFO Blacksburg's Forecast Listening Areas

Weather information can also be obtained by listening to NOAA Weather Radio. NOAA Weather Radio stations broadcast the latest weather information and are one of the primary means for receiving severe weather information and general forecast information. Weather radios can be purchased from local electric supply dealers, and some scanners are equipped to pick up the weather radio frequencies.

Some models have an alarm feature. This feature sounds a tone and turns on the radio when we activate the tone alert from our office. We normally send the Routine Weekly Test message around noon on Wednesdays, unless severe weather is a possibility. The test is done at 7pm on the first Wednesday of each month. If there is a possibility of severe weather, we postpone the test until the next fair weather day, usually Thursday.

We activate the tone alert for the following watches or warnings:

  • Tornado watch
  • Tornado warning
  • Severe thunderstorm watch
  • Severe thunderstorm warning
  • Flash flood warning
  • Blizzard warning
  • Winter storm warning

Newer weather radios that are equipped with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoder) are available.  This allows you to program your radio to receive the tone warning alert only for the counties you program!  In addition, you can hear the latest forecasts and other weather information.  

Generally, our NWR program consists of a local  forecast,  local hourly weather and the regional weather summary, and hazardous weather outlook.

During certain times of the day, we record climate and river information.

NOAA Weather Radio Stations operated from Blacksburg, VA
Location Call Letters Frequency
Hinton, WV WXM-72 162.425 
Roanoke, VA WXL-60 162.475 
Lynchburg, VA WXL-92 162.550 
Mount Jefferson, NC WNG-588 162.500 
South Boston, VA KJY-86 162.525
Wytheville, VA WZ-2500 162.450


These NOAA Weather Radio Station are operated by other offices. Some listeners in the Blacksburg CWA will be able to receive one of these stations.
Location Call Letters Frequency Responsible Office
Beckley, WV WXM-71 162.550 mhz Charleston, WV
Bristol, TN WXK-47 162.550 mhz Bristol, TN
Winston-Salem, NC WXL-42 162.400 mhz Raleigh, NC
Covesville, VA KZZ28 162.450 mhz Wakefield, VA

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