WFO Blacksburg Welcomes A New Forecaster

by Kris Mattarochia


WFO Blacksburg welcomes our latest forecaster, a meteorologist named Kris Mattarochia. After graduating from Penn State University in 1999, my his first job in meteorology was with the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh in June 1999, which produced forecasts for WPXI-TV (NBC affiliate). This was a behind-the-scenes job, as the weather people at the station did not have much of a background in meteorology. At the same time, I also worked for a private forecasting company which worked for the ABC affiliate in town, part time. I did, on a few occasions, brief weathercasters from each station on the same day, when staff was thin due to holidays. As it became apparent that the Carnegie Science Center was closing shop after the station began hiring meteorologists, I moved onto Weather Services Corporation/Meteorlogix in Lexington, MA, in June 2001. My forecast responsibilities covered many sites across the country, as Meteorlogix's primary customers were utility companies. One of my major areas was Raleigh NC, and looking at Blacksburg's County Warning Area, I saw Yadkin County in North Carolina. I issued Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts(QPF) for a basin within that county for awhile. It became too expensive for Meteorlogix's parent company, DTN, to keep two offices opened for forecasting operations. Thus, all of these operations were moved to Duluth, MN. Considering how expensive New England is, and not wanting to be jobless/penniless, I moved back to western Pennsylvania and worked for another small firm, until becoming an intern at the National Weather Service in Charleston, WV in August 2005. Kris arrived in Blacksburg in May 2007. Welcome aboard!