Refresher SKYWARNTM training now available on-line

by Phil Hysell


So it’s been two or three years since you have attended a SKYWARNTM spotter class and you are having difficulty recalling the difference between a wall cloud and a shelf cloud. Now you can view a condensed version of the class to knock the rust off your weather spotting skills. To view the on-line SKYWARNTM presentation, please visit here.

Because this is a condensed version of the basic SKYWARNTM training, one still has to attend a SKYWARNTM class in person to be officially certified as a SKYWARNTM spotter. If you have already attended a class, we encourage you to view the online presentation and send any comments to Phil Hysell, Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

The National Weather Service sincerely appreciates our large volunteer group of SKYWARNTM spotters, who are our eyes in the field. Thank you very much for your reports of severe weather!