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by William Perry


Ron Holmes from the National Weather Service in State College, Pennsylvania has developed a new Storm Reports Application that utilizes Google Maps, (Figure 1). This new application is now available on our web site, and can be found on the left hand menu under Current Hazards, entitled Local Storm Reports. This new product is Experimental and their is a survey available if you would like to comment on this new feature for our web page.

Some of the main features of this application is that during severe weather situations, the National Weather Service warning polygons will show up on the map (Figure 2), with the ability for users to overlay radar data, and zoom in to the storm. When the National Weather Service receives storm reports from various sources, a colored pin, based on a legend you will see below the map, will be displayed at the exact location the report came from. When click on the pin, you will get the report information (Figure 3). Reports will include, hail, thunderstorm wind damage, tornadoes, and flooding.

This page updates every 5 minutes. Past weather events are also available for display. The links to these are further down the page. More information on this new application can be found here:

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us.

Figure 1. Image of the Local Storm Reports PageFigure 1. Storm Reports Page

Figure 2. Storm Reports Page with Warning PolygonsFigure 2. Polygon Warnings


Figure 3. Storm Reports with the Detailed InformationFigure 3. Detailed Storm Information

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