Survey Questions

We wish to thank everyone who took the time to provide a response to our survey. Out of the approximately 130 people who attended the event, 78 folks completed at least a portion of the survey. Not all individuals chose to answer all questions. Some provided multiple answers to the same question.

All responses, along with the number of people who provided each response, are provided below:

1.) How do you obtain your weather information?

Television (Local or Unspecified): 46
NOAA Weather “All-Hazards” Radio: 30
Internet (Unspecified): 19
Weather Channel: 17
Radio: 16
NWS/Blacksburg Homepage: 16
Private Weather Website: 08
Newspaper: 05
Parent: 02
Cell Phone: 01

2.) What did you find most useful?

Weather Safety / Video Clips: 16 / Digital Services: 14
Questions & Answers: 11
Overview of NWS/Office Responsibilities & Equipment: 10
Radar & Doppler Explanation: 02
Handout of Power Point Slides: 02
Event Specific Statistics: 01
NOAA Weather “All-Hazards” Radio: 01
Weather Terminology: 01

3.) Was there any topic(s) that was not covered you wanted to know more about?

Hurricane Forecasting / Storm Surge: 05
Snow (Types) and Winter Weather / Thundersnow: 04
Lightning Safety: 03
Cloud Types & Associated Weather: 03
Past & Current Equipment and Instrumentation: 02
Global Warming / Climate Change: 02
Computer Modeling / How Forecasts Made: 02
More Severe Weather Video: 02
Weather Terminology (Htg/Cooling Deg. Days/THI): 02
Weather on Internet : 01
Earthquakes / Other Natural Disasters: 01
Local Weather Effects / Rain Shadows: 01
How to become a Weather Spotter: 01
Snow /Flood Climatology: 01
Historical Weather Information & Extremes: 01
Types of Weather Fronts: 01
Radar: 01
Microbursts: 01
Severe Weather Statements & Frost/Freeze Dates: 01

4.) How did you hear about our Town Hall Meeting?

Television: 20
NOAA Weather “All-Hazards” Radio: 19
Newspaper: 17
Email Announcement: 14
Troop (Boy Scout) Leader: 04
Library Flyer: 04
Family Member: 04
Friend: 04
NWS / Blacksburg Internet Homepage: 04
School System Announcement: 02
Radio (General): 02
U.S. Coast Guard Aux. Announcement: 01

5.) On a scale of 1 (extremely disappointing) to 10 (extremely satisfied) how would you rate our Town Hall Meeting?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Scale Level #10: 23
Scale Level #09: 25
Scale Level #08: 17
Scale Level #07: 10
Scale Level #06: 02
Scale Level #05: 00
Scale Level #04: 00
Scale Level #03: 01
Scale Level #02: 00
Scale Level #01: 00

The average of the above yields a rating score of 8.63, so overall, folks seemed to be very pleased with the Town Hall Meeting.

6.) Was the length of the meeting too short, too long or just right?

Too Short: 02
Just Right: 64
Too Long: 10

The majority of folks felt that the length of the presentation, when considering the number of topics that were covered, was “Just Right”. However, in the future, we will be sure to end the meeting at the advertised time (i.e., at the top of the hour) and ask folks who have any unanswered questions to direct them to a particular speaker following the conclusion of the meeting.

7.) Do you think the NWS should host another Town Hall Meeting? If yes, what location?

Yes: 66
Not Sure: 01
No: 00

Some recommended future locations:

Roanoke Civic Center: 35
Blacksburg (along with tour of NWS office): 09
Schools (General): 05
Danville / Chatham: 04
Salem: 03
Lynchburg: 03
Everywhere: 03
Tazewell, VA: 01
Pulaski / Wytheville: 01
Libraries (General): 01
New River Valley: 01
Bedford: 01
Covington: 01
Alleghany: 01

General Comments:

“You guys are too much!!! My husband and I had a wonderful time at the Town Meeting last night. I turned in a survey, but I want to say again how organized and informative and yes, even interesting your presentations are (you all seem very paranoid that your passion is just boring nonsense to the masses, but it's not true!). I guess there is a TV persona in each meteorologist, because all of you were very articulate and interesting speakers. And there must be a teacher in each of you as well, because everything was explained in very
understandable layman's terms without being condescending. I learn more and more every time I attend one of your activities. Thanks for all your hard work in putting the meeting all together.” (Elaine Myers, SKYWARN Spotter, Floyd County)

“It was a pleasure to meet you and the rest of your guys. You do a
fantastic job. Growing up in Giles County I've been a ‘user’ of your
forecasts for years, even though I’m the new guy here at WDBJ.” (Jay Webb, Meteorologist, WDBJ)

“I just wanted to thank you for a great program. It was interesting
and informative. I hope you guys put on another event in the future. Again, thank you and keep up the good work.” (Leo Hirsbrunner, Meteorologist, WDBJ)

“I had a chance to attend the town meeting last evening, and I just wanted to send along a note to let you know that I think that the entire NWS-Blacksburg staff did a great job with the Roanoke Town Meeting. The program was informative and entertaining. I think that I would have received a good orientation to the operation of the NWS Office in Blacksburg if I had no prior clue to what you folks did. The format of the program was excellent. I wish I could have stayed until the end to listen to all of the Q/A session. You all did a great job of representing your agency. Thanks again for all you do for our regional community. It is great to have you all as neighbors at VT. I cannot express enough appreciation for what you do for me in regards to trying to operate the campus in spite of what the weather ends up doing. “
(John Beach, Director of Physical Plant Operations, Virginia Tech)

“We attended the SKYWARN spotter class at Virginia Tech in March 2006. This forum had a few video repeats, which are always interesting, but the bulk of this information was presented differently and was all interesting. And, whoever said that weather geeks are boring?!? You all are dynamic public speakers, and very well prepared (i.e. handouts, PowerPoint Presentations, etc.). During the Open MIC segment, you all provided answers that made sense – well explained!” ( Anonymous)

“Thanks for having this program, we really enjoyed it! We are landscapers in Franklin County and we live by your weather forecasts.” (Anonymous)

“Great job!” (Anonymous)

“Excellent program!” (Anonymous)

“This was very enjoyable” (Anonymous)

“Much good information. Thank you.” (Anonymous)

“Keep panelist answers more succinct” (Anonymous)

“You should create/find useful brochures (not say something isn’t useful” (Anonymous)