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Damage Photos from Remnants of Ivan (09/17/04) also includes tracks and storm narrative

Mammatus Clouds over Blacksburg, Virginia (5/23/01) photos courtesy of Dave Carroll

Image of mammatus clouds          Another image with mammatus clouds and a rainbow

Severe Thunderstorm that produced nickel size hail near South Boston, Virginia (5/18/01) photos courtesy of Bruce Hedrick

Image of a towering cumulus cloud          Another image of a towering cumulus cloud          Third image of towering cumulus cloud

Image of a cumulonimbus cloud            

Freezing Rain Event at NWS Blacksburg (2/18/00)

Image of a tree glazed with ice at the Weather Office in Blacksburg          Another tree thick with ice          More trees with a pretty ice covering

A close up of an ice covered limb in front of the office 

Sunrise at NWS Blacksburg (11/17/99)

Image of sunrise over the Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg          An image of the first rays of dawn on a cloud deck

Sunset at NWS Blacksburg (10/21/99)

Sunset at the National Weather Service image          The sun has just set over the horizon image          Beautiful fiery red sunset image

Tornado/Wind Damage near Mt. Airy, North Carolina (9/29/99)

Tornado damage to a carport          Debris in a tree blown by tornado          Downburst winds destroy this trailer          

Another view of the destroyed trailer

Stoneville, NC Tornado (3/20/98) 

First image of strong tornado near Stoneville, NC          Second image of Stoneville tornado          Third image of tornado